RestFrames  v1.0.0
RestFrames HEP Event Analysis Software Library
examples Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for examples:


file  example_DiGluino_to_bbXbbX.C [code]
 Di-gluinos decaying to four b-quarks and two neutralinos.
file  example_DiStop_to_bXp_bXm_to_blNblN.C [code]
 Di-Stops decaying to b chargino, chargino to lepton+sneutrino.
file  example_H_to_hh_to_4Wlnu.C [code]
 Heavy neutral Higgs decaying to two lighter neutral Higgs, each decaying W(lnu)W(lnu)
file  example_H_to_ttbar_to_bWlnubWlnu.C [code]
 Resonant fully leptonic t tbar example.
file  example_H_to_WlnuWlnu.C [code]
 Neutral Higgs decaying to W(l nu) W(l nu)
file  example_Hp_to_HggWlnu.C [code]
 Charged Higgs decaying to H(gamma gamma) and W(l nu)
file  example_N_Wlnu.C [code]
 Non-resonant production of N W bosons, each decaying W(l nu).
file  example_top_to_bWlnu.C [code]
 single top decaying to a b-quark and leptonic W
file  example_ttbar_to_bWlnubWlnu.C [code]
 Fully leptonic t tbar example.
file  example_Wlnu.C [code]
 W boson decaying to a lepton and neutrino.
file  example_X2X2_to_ZllXHggX.C [code]
 Di-neutralinos decaying to Z(ll) and H(gg) and two LSP's.
file  example_Zll.C [code]
 Z boson decaying to di-leptons.
file  rootlogon.C [code]