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example_Hp_to_HggWlnu.C File Reference

Detailed Description

Charged Higgs decaying to H(gamma gamma) and W(l nu)

Christopher Rogan (croga.nosp@m.n@ce.nosp@m.rn.ch)
2016 Jul

H+ to H(gg) W(l nu) example

The example can be found in the RestFrames package at


You can run the compiled example executable:


or run the example from the ROOT interactive command line:

root [0] .x examples/example_Zll.C++

For the latter, if RestFrames is not installed in an area in the default PATH then you must first load the RestFrames environmental variables with source setup_RestFrames.(c)sh.

Decay tree for a charged Higgs decaying to H(gamma gamma) and W(l nu).
Decay Tree

Definition in file example_Hp_to_HggWlnu.C.