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RestFrames::RFPlot Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file RFPlot.hh.

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Public Member Functions

 RFPlot (const std::string &sname, const std::string &stitle)
virtual void Clear ()
 Clears RFBase of all connections to other objects.
void WriteOutput (const std::string &filename)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::RFBase
 RFBase (const std::string &sname, const std::string &stitle, int key)
 Standard constructor. More...
bool IsEmpty () const
 Checks whether this is default (empty) instance of class.
bool operator! () const
 Tests whether key is the same as this.
void Print (LogType type) const
 Print information associated with object.
virtual std::string PrintString (LogType type) const
 String of information associated with object.
RFKey GetKey () const
 gets object identification key
std::string GetName () const
 Returns object name.
std::string GetTitle () const
 Returns object title.
bool IsSame (const RFKey &key) const
 Tests whether key is the same as this.
bool IsSame (const RFBase &obj) const
 Tests whether obj is the same as this.
bool operator== (const RFKey &key) const
 Tests whether key is the same as this.
bool operator== (const RFBase &obj) const
 Tests whether obj is the same as this.
bool operator!= (const RFKey &key) const
 Tests whether key is the same as this.
bool operator!= (const RFBase &obj) const
 Tests whether obj is the same as this.

Static Public Attributes

static const TColor rf_blue0
static const TColor rf_blue1
static const TColor rf_blue2
static const TColor rf_blue3
static const TColor rf_blue4
static const TColor rf_green0
static const TColor rf_green1
static const TColor rf_green2
static const TColor rf_green3
static const TColor rf_green4
static const TColor rf_red0
static const TColor rf_red1
static const TColor rf_red2
static const TColor rf_red3
static const TColor rf_red4
static const TColor rf_yellow0
static const TColor rf_yellow1
static const TColor rf_yellow2
static const TColor rf_yellow3
static const TColor rf_yellow4
static const TColor rf_cyan0
static const TColor rf_cyan1
static const TColor rf_cyan2
static const TColor rf_cyan3
static const TColor rf_cyan4
static const TColor rf_lime0
static const TColor rf_lime1
static const TColor rf_lime2
static const TColor rf_lime3
static const TColor rf_lime4
static const TColor rf_purple0
static const TColor rf_purple1
static const TColor rf_purple2
static const TColor rf_purple3
static const TColor rf_purple4
static const TColor rf_orange0
static const TColor rf_orange1
static const TColor rf_orange2
static const TColor rf_orange3
static const TColor rf_orange4

Protected Member Functions

void AddCanvas (TCanvas *can)
void AddTObject (TObject *obj)
int GetNCanvases ()
std::string GetUniqueName (const std::string &name)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::RFBase
bool SetBody (bool body) const
bool SetMind (bool mind) const
bool SetSpirit (bool spirit) const
virtual bool IsSoundBody () const
virtual bool IsSoundMind () const
virtual bool IsSoundSpirit () const
void UnSoundBody (const std::string &function) const
void UnSoundMind (const std::string &function) const
void UnSoundSpirit (const std::string &function) const
void AddDependent (RFBase *dep)
 pointer to RFBase object owned by this one

Protected Attributes

TCanvas * m_CanvasPtr
- Protected Attributes inherited from RestFrames::RFBase
RFLog m_Log


void SetStyle (bool invert_colors)
void SetZPalette (bool invert_colors)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::RFBase
static RFBaseEmpty ()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from RestFrames::RFBase
static const TVector3 m_Empty3Vector
static const TLorentzVector m_Empty4Vector
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