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RestFrames::RFCharge Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file RFCharge.hh.

Public Member Functions

 RFCharge (const RFCharge &charge)
 RFCharge (int charge=0)
 RFCharge (int charge_num, int charge_den)
int GetNumerator () const
int GetDenominator () const
bool operator== (const RFCharge &val) const
bool operator== (int val) const
bool operator!= (const RFCharge &val) const
bool operator!= (int val) const
void operator= (const RFCharge &val)
void operator= (int val)
RFCharge operator+ (const RFCharge &val) const
RFCharge operator+ (int val) const
RFCharge operator- (const RFCharge &val) const
RFCharge operator- (int val) const
RFCharge operator* (const RFCharge &val) const
RFCharge operator* (int val) const
RFCharge operator/ (const RFCharge &val) const
RFCharge operator/ (int val) const
RFChargeoperator+= (const RFCharge &val)
RFChargeoperator+= (int val)
RFChargeoperator-= (const RFCharge &val)
RFChargeoperator-= (int val)
RFChargeoperator*= (const RFCharge &val)
RFChargeoperator*= (int val)
RFChargeoperator/= (const RFCharge &val)
RFChargeoperator/= (int val)
RFCharge operator- ()
 operator double () const

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