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RestFrames::ResonanceGenFrame Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file ResonanceGenFrame.hh.

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Public Member Functions

 ResonanceGenFrame (const std::string &sname, const std::string &stitle)
virtual void SetMass (double mass)
virtual void SetWidth (double w)
virtual void SetVariableMass (bool varymass=true)
virtual double GetPoleMass () const
virtual double GetWidth () const
virtual double GetProbMCMC (double mass=-1.) const
virtual void GenerateMassMCMC (double &mass, double &prob, double max=-1.) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::DecayGenFrame
 DecayGenFrame (const std::string &sname, const std::string &stitle)
virtual void SetCosDecayAngle (double val)
virtual void SetDeltaPhiDecayPlane (double val)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::DecayFrame< GeneratorFrame >
 DecayFrame (const std::string &sname, const std::string &stitle)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::GeneratorFrame
 GeneratorFrame (const std::string &sname, const std::string &stitle)
virtual void Clear ()
 Clears GeneratorFrame of all connections to other objects.
virtual void AddChildFrame (RestFrame &frame)
 Add a child RestFrame to this frame. More...
virtual void SetParentFrame (RestFrame &frame=RestFrame::Empty())
 Set the parent frame for this frame. More...
virtual GeneratorFrame const & GetParentFrame () const
 Returns the parent of this frame. More...
virtual GeneratorFrameGetChildFrame (int i=0) const
 Get the frame of the i th child.
void SetPCut (double cut)
void SetPtCut (double cut)
void SetEtaCut (double cut)
void SetMassWindowCut (double min, double max)
void RemovePCut ()
void RemovePtCut ()
void RemoveEtaCut ()
void RemoveMassWindowCut ()
void PrintGeneratorEfficiency () const
 Print generator efficiency information.
virtual double GetMass () const
 Get the mass of this frame.
bool IsVariableMassMCMC () const
 Frame is capable having a variable mass? (true/false)
virtual double GetMinimumMassMCMC () const
double GetRandom () const
double GetGaus (double mu, double sig) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ResonanceGenFrameEmpty ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::GeneratorFrame
static GeneratorFrameEmpty ()
 Returns empty instance of class.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::DecayGenFrame
virtual bool IsSoundBody () const
virtual void ResetGenFrame ()
virtual bool GenerateFrame ()
void GenerateTwoBodyRecursive (const std::vector< double > &M_parent, const std::vector< double > &M_child, const TVector3 &axis_par, const TVector3 &axis_perp, std::vector< TLorentzVector > &P_child)
virtual bool InitializeGenAnalysis ()
virtual bool IterateMCMC ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RestFrames::GeneratorFrame
bool InitializeAnalysisRecursive ()
bool AnalyzeEventRecursive ()
bool ClearEventRecursive ()
void SetChildren (const std::vector< TLorentzVector > &P_children)
bool IterateRecursiveMCMC ()
void SetVariableMassMCMC (bool var=true)
virtual void SetMassMCMC (double mass)
void SetMassMCMC (double mass, GeneratorFrame &frame) const
bool EventInAcceptance () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from RestFrames::DecayGenFrame
double m_CosDecayAngle
double m_DeltaPhiDecayPlane
std::vector< int > m_ChildIndexMCMC
std::vector< double > m_ChildMassMCMC
std::vector< double > m_ChildProbMCMC
std::vector< double > m_InterMassFracMCMC
- Protected Attributes inherited from RestFrames::GeneratorFrame
double m_Mass
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