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RestFrames::ReconstructionFrame Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file ReconstructionFrame.hh.

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Public Member Functions

 ReconstructionFrame (const std::string &sname, const std::string &stitle)
virtual void Clear ()
 Clears ReconstructionFrame of all connections to other objects.
virtual void AddChildFrame (RestFrame &frame)
 Add a child RestFrame to this frame. More...
virtual void RemoveChildFrame (RestFrame &frame)
 Remove a child of this frame. More...
void RemoveChildFrames ()
 Remove all the children of this frame. More...
virtual void SetParentFrame (RestFrame &frame=RestFrame::Empty())
 Set the parent frame for this frame. More...
virtual ReconstructionFrame const & GetParentFrame () const
 Returns the parent of this frame. More...
virtual ReconstructionFrameGetChildFrame (int i=0) const
 Get the frame of the i th child.
virtual void SetGroup (Group &group=Group::Empty())
GroupGetGroup () const
GroupList GetListGroups () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ReconstructionFrameEmpty ()

Protected Member Functions

bool InitializeAnalysisRecursive ()
bool ClearEventRecursive ()
bool AnalyzeEventRecursive ()
virtual bool ResetRecoFrame ()
virtual bool ReconstructFrame ()
virtual StateList const & GetChildStates (int i=0) const
virtual StateList const & GetChildStates (const RestFrame &child) const

Member Function Documentation

void RestFrames::ReconstructionFrame::AddChildFrame ( RestFrame frame)

Add a child RestFrame to this frame.

frameRestFrame to be added as child

Method for adding a RestFrame frame as a child of this frame. frame will not be added as a child if it is already listed as a child.

Definition at line 66 of file ReconstructionFrame.cc.

ReconstructionFrame const & RestFrames::ReconstructionFrame::GetParentFrame ( ) const

Returns the parent of this frame.

Returns the parent frame of this frame. If the parent frame is not set, an empty frame is returned.

Definition at line 97 of file ReconstructionFrame.cc.

void RestFrames::ReconstructionFrame::RemoveChildFrame ( RestFrame frame)

Remove a child of this frame.

framechild frame to be removed

Method for removing a child RestFrame from the list of children of this frame (if it is in that list).

Reimplemented in RestFrames::SelfAssemblingRecoFrame.

Definition at line 72 of file ReconstructionFrame.cc.

void RestFrames::ReconstructionFrame::RemoveChildFrames ( )

Remove all the children of this frame.

Method for removing all the children of this frame. No child left behind.

Definition at line 82 of file ReconstructionFrame.cc.

void RestFrames::ReconstructionFrame::SetParentFrame ( RestFrame frame = RestFrame::Empty())

Set the parent frame for this frame.

frameparent frame

Method for connecting a child frame to its parent frame Empty default sets parent frame to none

Definition at line 91 of file ReconstructionFrame.cc.

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